The Currency of Communicators

On May 13, 2003, the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing introduced a new twenty-dollar bill into circulation. The new bill incorporated advanced security features in an attempt to stay one step ahead of currency counterfeiters. New features of the bill included a thin security thread imbedded in the bill, ink that changes color in changing light, watermarks that can be seen on both sides of the bill, and a redesigned portrait of Andrew Jackson. 

Twenty Dollar Bill with Security Features

Official Federal Reserve notes (dollar bills) are the currency of our country; they are how we do business. If someone uses a counterfeit bill, the transaction is invalidated because no real money changed hands.

The currency of communicators is truth. The truth is what enables people to accomplish the “business” of friendship. If people do not communicate honestly, then trust is destroyed. Don’t be a communication counterfeiter in your relationships with your friends and family. When you speak, speak the truth. False words create a foundation of fantasies on which no house can permanently stand.

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