Practice Makes Permanent

What one thing do winners do that tie everything together? It makes sense to encourage kids to go out and do something they love. Research shows that people are more satisfied when they do something that fits their personal passions. While it is impossible to be fascinated with everything, everyone is fascinated with something. With that said, having your child change their activities like old clothes might not be the best option.

There are many benefits of sticking it out with something new. Sometimes children don’t realize how fun it is until they get a little further into it. Kids need their fires stoked from time to time. Passion in kids is not the same as in adults. Kids need outside motivation when times get rough and the challenges become difficult.

Now your child is interested in an activity, what’s next? Practice, Practice, Practice.

Goals and Success

Practice does not make perfect as some people claim, practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Running around a baseball field until your child collapses is not necessarily improving their skills. How do Olympic athletes’ practice? They strive to improve their specific problems. If you have a flat tire, you don’t replace the vehicle…you fix the tire.

It is with great focus and determination that these athletes achieve their goals. Perseverance is going to make your dreams come true. Either you are working hard to accomplish your dreams or you will be working for someone else to accomplish theirs.

If you are an adult working toward a goal, don’t give up! If you are a parent helping a child find and develop their passions, continue to encourage them and don’t let them give up either!

If TaeKwonDo is your passion or possibly your child’s passion, we can help you or your child develop the skills needed to be successful with it. To learn more about our martial arts training and classes, contact us.

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