BJJ Jiu-Jitsu * 15 December 2022 Promotional Testing


Jiu-Jitsu Testing



Testing will be held at 6pm on Thursday, 15 December.  Students should arrive 15 minutes early with a clean uniform and their training partner they have been using during this training cycle.

Our Jiu-Jitsu belt system is distinct from that of sport-oriented schools. Sport-oriented schools promote students based exclusively on their mastery of techniques that will lead to victory in a tournament setting. In most cases, sport belt holders are very comfortable in sport jiu-jitsu matches and controlled sparring sessions. However, when confronted by a larger and more athletic opponent who doesn’t play by the rules, they are often shaken by the unpredictable, violent attack and find themselves unable to respond.

Here, belt promotions are based, first and foremost, on the student’s mastery of the techniques that will ensure victory in a street fight. The beginner curriculum is dedicated to instilling each student with an essential “street fight filter” comprised of survivability, energy efficiency, and natural body movements.