TKD Green and Blue Belt * 16 December 2022 Promotional Testing


Green and Blue Belts Promotional Testing



Virginia TaeKwonDo and Jiu-Jitsu Testing Schedule

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Friday, 16 December at 6:15pm Green Belts & Blue Belts,

Dear Parent/Student, below is the Testing Readiness Check List. Please use it to prepare yourself for testing. Testing Readiness Check List:
• Yes, I have practiced and I am prepared to perform the following requirements up to an appropriate level for my current belt to ensure I am fully prepared to demonstrate my skill in the following:

. Artistic Presentation of my Form (All Belts)
. One-Step Sparring – White and Yellow Belts
· Free Sparring (Green and Above)
· Board Breaking (Level 3 Green, Blue, Brown, and all levels Red and Black)
• Yes, my uniform is ready for testing. School patch is sewn on, my sleeves and pant legs are properly hemmed for safety. My uniform is white, clean and neatly ironed.

  • Yes, my sparring gear is ready for testing…..NO TAPE….and all required equipment is present.
    • Yes, my class attendance meets or exceeds the minimum amount.
    • Yes, I have attended a private lesson with my instructor, as I understand that I must qualify to test. This qualification will make be better prepared for my testing exam. (Mandatory for Brown and up)
    • Yes, out of respect, I registered for testing early.
    • Yes, I understand that if I show up late for testing, I may not be allowed to test and/or pass.
    • Yes, I understand that not all students pass all exams. I will accept the final results cheerfully and with the understanding that I will retest after better preparing myself for the increased belt rank.
    • Yes, I am aware that my testing results are dependent on my in-class performance and behavior along with my performance and behavior on testing day. Testing ends when I attend the mandatory Awards Ceremony to receive my new belt rank from my instructor.
    • Yes, as a Yellow Belt Student or the parent of a Yellow Belt Student, I understand that myself or my child will be sized for their parring Safety Gear prior to testing (Minimum of 50% deposit due by testing).
    • Yes, I know when and where my (or my child’s) testing is to be conducted.
    • Yes, my Academy membership is current and I have no outstanding invoices.

TaeKwonDo and Jiu-Jitsu Rank/Belt Exams are difficult tests. It is understood that not all students pass all exams, and higher TaeKwonDo Belt Ranks require greater preparation and effort. No student is guaranteed to pass an examination. Results are determined solely by his/her in class performance and behavior along with his/her performance and behavior during testing day. THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES’ ARE FINAL. By registering myself or my child, I understand and will support the judges’ decision without reservation. I have read and will comply with the Testing Readiness Checklist.