Sink or Swim

You never know how far you can go until you are in over your head. We used to go to the beach all the time and when you are wading out amongst the waves you realize when you have gone just a little too far. That happens in life. You need to sometimes push the edge to see what you are capable of and what you are not. If you fear failure, sorry to say, you will have much anxiety about it during your life.

During Search and Rescue School we had to tread water for long periods of time. We couldn’t be near the edge of the pool because the instructors would say, “there is no edge when you are in the middle of the ocean.” We would tread water for 10 minutes then make a lap around the pool and continue to tread water again. One Petty Officer Third Class was having a difficult time with the evolution. He made the mistake of saying, “I don’t think I can do this,” to the instructor on deck. That’s when another instructor in the water came up from behind and dragged him to the bottom of the pool. This was a simulation of a survivor grabbing on to us from behind where we would then need to use the techniques we were taught to escape. The Petty Officer Third Class blacked out and was rescued by the instructor.

We started our class with 104 people and only graduated 16. Those 88 found out where the edge was for them. Many would probably go back since the commands that sent them need swimmers to get underway. Many of them would not pass if they didn’t learn from their failures. When failure comes, you can do one of two things. You can carry them around on your back and let them weigh you down, or you can use them as steps to reach success. Either way life is going to be sink or swim.

To develop skills that will help you swim rather than sink, consider TaeKwonDo training. We have classes for all ages and abilities. To learn more or sign up, give us a call at 757-558-9869 or contact us.  

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