The Importance of Confidence

Have you heard the quote “We are what we think”? If one is not confident in themselves and their abilities, then that lack of confidence results in self-doubt that shows through in things we say and do. If one is over-confident in themselves, then they generally have high expectations and are more apt to make riskier decisions in order to achieve those expectations.


Virginia TaeKwonDo ChesapeakeAchieving confidence in oneself is a balancing act, but an important one nonetheless. Setting realistic goals, keeping a positive state of mind and making the best use of one’s talent and skills are the best ways to achieve confidence.

If something doesn’t go the way it was supposed to, focus on the positive things that happened and make a learning opportunity out of the things that didn’t go so well. For example, if a student doesn’t do well at testing, it’s okay. There is always next time and until then, they should focus on how to improve the mistakes they made and to celebrate the things that went right.

“We are what we think” is a statement that we should all remember. If we believe in ourselves and our abilities, then we are those things! Confidence can mean more than just feeling good about oneself. There are other benefits to it as well, including:

  • Resisting peer pressure: When a student has a “sense of self” they are more likely to resist peer pressure.
  • Working harder toward goals: With each success, a student’s confidence grows. The more confident they are, the better they are at what they do.
  • Having a grip on emotions: Confident students can bounce back from setbacks. Instead of getting angry or sad, they will rise up to meet the challenge and continue on.
  • Taking risks in pursuit of goals: Confident students do not see winning or accomplishing their goals as an impossible feat – they see it as a challenge that is completely doable.
  • Seeing failure in a different light: Confident students see failure as a result of factors they have the power to change, and thus they try again and again until that challenge is complete.

As an instructor of the Academy, our goal is to prepare students for the responsibilities of citizenship. TaeKwonDo is about real and powerful experiences, resulting in the discovery of innate capabilities and a heightened sense of responsibility. To that end, we encourage our students to use their Martial Arts knowledge to improve our communities through one act of leadership at a time.

If you or your child could benefit from improved confidence, give us a call at 757-558-9869 or Contact Us to learn about the TaeKwonDo and Jiu-Jitsu classes we have for both children and adults.

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